Guillaume and Isabelle Beau de Lomenie

Isabelle & Guillaume Beau de Loménie

Guillaume Beau de Loménie

Born in Madagascar in 1953, at the time a French colony, Guillaume Beau de Lomenie has lived in Cody, Wyoming, since 2009 and became a U.S citizen in February 2017.  After having serving in the French Marine Corps, Guillaume became a hunting guide in Central Asia and Africa for over 25 years. He has  been a principal contributor to one of the most important hunting publications in France, “Jours de Chasse” producing stories and photographs about big game hunting across the world. He has also been a contributor to “Jours de Cheval”, one of the main horse magazines in France.


Isabelle Beau de Loménie

Isabelle Beau de Lomenie is a French citizen, born in 1964 in Poitiers.  An avid rider since  childhood, Isabelle has competed in many horse shows. After completing l’Ecole des Beaux-Arts, Isabelle started working as a journalist and photographer for French horse magazines, including  “Cheval Magazine” since 2004. Like Guillaume, Isabelle is also a contributor to the magazine “Jours de Cheval”. Her  horse photographs horses have been exhibited in Paris and throughout France. 


Over the past few years Isabelle and Guillaume have also created several collections of abstract photographs inspired by nature and wildlife. "When you zoom in on the raw materials that compose this breathtaking landscape (of nature), you...see the immense elegance of the macro reflected in the graceful mirror of the micro.... One of our abstract photos might allow you to see what you were so sure was the grain of wood, as, in fact, a wave of the ocean, and help you realize the components of nature are evermore connected the closer you look, or the further you step back."