Described as an Art Chameleon, Ben Steele adopts many artistic styles and techniques in his masterpieces. He takes inspiration from artistic giants like DaVinci, Van Gogh, and Vermeer. Ben’s career skyrocketed from creating art that imitates art, weaving pieces of different artists and styles into his pieces. By doing so, he creates works of colorful modern art that are both 100% original and familiar. 


Many of Ben’s recent paintings have found a unique niche between modern contemporary art and contemporary western art. Whether it’s a box of crayons featuring an Indian brave or coloring book pages showcasing a bucking bronco, Ben blends his sense of humor and icons of the Old West to create unique works of fine art. Ben Steele paintings can be found in buildings across the United States. You can see them featured in the San Francisco Giants Executive Offices, the Dennis and Phyllis Washington Foundation, and Raymond James Financial. 

At our gallery, we display and sell an eclectic collection of Ben Steele paintings. Browse through our collection of Ben Steele paintings for sale online or in-person at Courtney Collins Fine Art. To learn more about Ben’s artistic approach and biography, visit his biography page. To buy Ben Steele paintings and view his recent paintings, visit our Ben Steele artist page.