I find my definition of being Native to this land as an interpersonal physical and spiritual relationship which is connected to all surrounding entities, beings, organisms, and geological features. My work and process are currently evolving, for the more I learn, the less I know. I've recently crossed paths with self-appointed task of narrating the Aboriginal struggles and aesthetics through my personal interpretation. Whether my art focuses upon statements drawn from the aspect of an activist or based on cultural recording, I feel the need to educate and speak volumes. I will continue my transition from a so-called "Rez-Kid" to a culturally rich Contemporary Storyteller. 

I come from the Crow and Northern Cheyenne Nations in South Eastern Montana. Throughout my journey I've acquired experiences through being a father, brother, son, husband, student, athlete, artist, actor, traditionalist, and much more. I was born in 1989 and raised on the Crow Reservation. 

Throughout my life, I've tried to soak up as much cultural, societal, and traditional aspects of what it means to be an aboriginal from North America in the whirlwind of today. It is ridiculous to say Natives must abandon the assimilated lives we've grown used to living. What is plausible is that we must act with solidarity to recreate our migration away from traditional techniques and customs. Charging forward wielding solidarity to combat and recompense our losses in the assimilation of our ancestors appears to be a great goal. My journey as a storyteller stands as a continuation of my contribution to our contemporary cultures, as I will pass along the knowledge I earn. I am eager.  

Mountain Living Magazine, Ben Pease