“Indian culture has in the past been ignored to a great extent. It is for me, as well as for many other Indian artists, a rich source of creative expression. An intertwining of my Indian culture with contemporary art expression has given me a greater insight concerning my art. I hope to accomplish something for the American Indian and at the same time achieve personal satisfaction in a creative statement through my art.”     — Kevin Red Star

Kevin Red Star paintings are renowned across the United States for their authenticity and heart. For decades, Kevin has shaped the landscape of modern Native American art through his vibrant oil and mixed media paintings. With his stunning depictions of Crow (Apsaalooke) warriors, ceremonies, tipis, and horses, Kevin brings the power of the past into the present.


Kevin Red Star was born and raised on the Crow reservation in southern Montana. With this background, Kevin draws from his deep experience in life and art to create stunning works of Crow Indian art. Since his initial launch into the world of art in the late sixties, Kevin has enhanced the landscape of modern Native American art. His attention to historical detail and clarity have made him a widely celebrated artist. For years, Kevin’s art has starred in renowned museum collections, including the Smithsonian Institution - National Museum of the American Indian, CM Russell Museum, and the Heard Museum.

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