Significant Other - KENE SPERRY: ARTIST TALK AND RECEPTION - A project featuring pairs in nature. MARCH 18th 4-8 P.M.

March 18, 2021


MARCH 18TH  4-8 PM


Significant Other a project featuring pairs in nature by photographer Kene Sperry. 

 A lone skier sketching serpintine lines into the side of an unnamed mountain. A bison trudging through a harsh snowscape. Rows of pine trees, stark against a flat backdrop, contrasted like the black and white of piano keys.

Whether with his feet on the earth, drawing inspiration for his next shoot, or aiming his camera from high above in a helicopter, Kene Sperry strives to capture, in a frame, the gravitating light within each of us.

Join us for an Artist talk at the Wilson Hotel followed by an Artist reception at Courtney Collins Fine Art  Gallery. Please RSVP for the Artist Talk.