KENNETH PELOKE - New Works: On Display Jun 14th to Jul 2nd, 2021

June 14 - 30, 2021

“Being a self-taught artist, and also colorblind, led to years of frustration, but through trial and error, methodically over the years I have found what works for me. I work with many layers, different substrates, and all types of media. Instead of using colors to create depth; I use my surface. I feel it is the most important element of my work. 


Variations, transparency, layering, and certain techniques all allow me to naturally generate the subtle inconsistencies in my paintings which make each piece unique and imperfect, like us. From this, the natural and realistic aspects of my work are achieved. Some effects are created by choice and others by chance...and I live to experience that little miracle when chance and choice unite to create a work of art that has the potential to move somebody just as much as it moved me while creating it.”