David Hooper’s western landscape photos capture the rich beauty of the natural world found in the American Mountain West. As an expert in Mountain West photography, David specializes in photos of night skies, wildlife, and landscapes, showcasing the drama and mystery of nature. His beautiful photos of the night sky, notably his collection Constellation, emphasize and celebrate the intrigue of our wild and untamed spaces. Through his photography, David elevates an appreciation for indigenous tribes, mountain living, and local wildlife by capturing their complexity and natural beauty. He partnered with Courtney Collins Fine Art in March 2021 to display his Constellation exhibit. 


Based in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, David places nature at the core of all his western landscape photos. David names notable nature photographers like Thomas Mangelsen and Paul Nicklin as great influences on his photos along with Fred Baldwin and Annie Liebowitz. 


In our gallery, we house a stunning range of David’s western landscape photos, including his Constellation collection, in our Big Sky art gallery. Browse through our collection of David Hooper framed landscape photography for sale online or in-person at Courtney Collins Fine Art. To learn more about David’s approach to photography, inspiration, and story, visit his biography page and view his featured artist videos.